Automation & Energy

Field Service Engineer

Let us help you to reduce your downtime, our new field service engineer is on hand to prepare and plan for breakdowns - saving you time and money. Contact us via email at or or call us at +961 81 766 095.

Services available:

- 24/7 Call Out

- Repairing an item onsite

- Onsite backup Preventative maintenance

- Fault finding


Provide support to your site, including emergency support to reduce downtime:

- Expertise in Siemens and robotics

- PLC expertise

- Emergency parts

Step by Step Process:

- Discuss your fault with us so we can establish as much detail as possible.

- Linetech-LB will quote a day rate for the visit.

- The engineer will call and arrange the visit.

-The engineer travels to your site.

-The engineer will assess and diagnose your fault.

-The engineer will repair onsite if viable or if needed they will remove to be fixed off-site.